Akron Recording Company

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Akron based record label and recording studio.

Our Team


Benjamin Patrick - Founder & owner

Ever since discovering guitar 15 years ago, Ben has truly embodied music & the ability to bring people together. Forging relationships through music in an honest & sincere way is something that comes natural for him. A self taught multi-instrumentalist & producer who has been writing, performing and recording his own music for over a decade. Ben fronted Akron band Taxidermy Special for 6 years, until forming his current rock group, The Dreemers. He also produces his own music under the moniker, Benny Lava. Ben has ran several other personal studios around Akron throughout the years, and has a well curated collection of vintage equipment. His passion for music, the recording arts, and connecting with the community here in northeast Ohio helps serve as ARC’s north star!


NathaNael Bucher - Chief Engineer

Nate has been involved in music for over 15 years. Throughout those years Nate has played bass in numerous bands, including Hey Sandy, & The Houses. He now fronts the sweet psychedelic duo, See Creatures. Nate has spent several years studying sound engineering including formal schooling at SCAD, and an internship with CRC in Chicago. He’s well versed in audio production for film scores, TV, and broadcast, and also has created archives of analog home recordings. His father is a musician & sound engineer as well, and actually had his own studio in Akron for 20 years…I guess you could say it’s in his blood! His laid back, but engaged demeanor combined with a well balanced sense for both technical & creative approaches to recording makes Nate an excellent member of our team!


Natalie Grieshammer - Strategic adivsor

Natalie comes from both a visual art & music background. She practices as a fiber & digital artist, and also has a masters in arts administration. Her father was a jazz trumpeter and growing up she was involved in dance as well as piano & guitar lessons. Now Natalie is a self taught drummer & vocalist who plays in the Akron band, The Dreemers. Natalie has a knack for design, marketing, and community outreach. She has experience working in the arts non-profit sector as well as managerial experience for both small and larger arts organizations. She helps ARC organize and plan events and new initiatives. Natalie’s bubbly, upbeat, but commanding presence and personality are an integral piece to our team!