Akron Recording Company

Akron's Premier Analog Recording Studio

Akron based record label and recording studio.


Hourly Rates

We offer an hourly rate for analog and digital recording

$40/hr plus one time $50 tape fee for analog recording

mixing & Mastering

We offer to mix & master prerecorded material at $65 a song (2hr Max) 

We offer Mastering at $30 a song with 1 revision


Recording packages

Package of 12 hours for $450. This would include set up, recording, and mastering with 1 revision. (must be completed in one 12 hour session.)


Looking to add that analog warmth to your pre-recorded project?

We will also bounce your stereo song to tape using the tape machine of your choosing, and send it back to you for a final touch to your song. $40 per song.

Record a Live Album

ARC will host & record an exclusive concert in our studio, for a flat rate of $750.

We will capture a multitrack recording of your performance with an audience of 50 people, includes mixing and mastering, with a round of revisions.


Contact us at akronrecordingcompany@gmail.com to inquire further or book time with us

Half of your project will be billed upon booking and remainder upon delivery of finished material.

We accept checks, credit, debit & cash or apple pay, paypal, venmo and square.