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Where the Hell is akron ohio?

The first all Akron compilation offering from Akron Recording Company. ARC is passionate about Akron and has no shame. We think some of the best music out there is grown, cultivated, and harvested right here in Akron, Ohio. 

"On April 21, the bright young upstarts at Akron Recording Company are releasing a compilation of local musicians. Yes, that's Record Store Day. No, It won't be available on vinyl. But... you can pick it up on CD and cassette at local record stores, like Square Records, Hollow Bone, and Time Traveler. It's good to stand out sometimes. Be the person buying a tape when all the squares are digging crates. However you consume it, this release is stacked with Akron talent, including Actual Form, Andrew Pitrone, The Beyonderers, Bizarros, The Dreemers, Extra Spooky, Floco Torres, HR3 (feat. Jul Big Green), King Buu, Leaf Borbie and The Family Tree, Pablo, See Creatures, Shuggie Shooter, Time Cat, and White Buffalo Woman. (And this is just Vol. 1)" - The Devil Strip Magazine